• We're a digital product and service design consultancy specialising in product discovery and management, coaching and agile delivery

  • What we do best...

    We are Lime Fish, a digital product and service design consultancy, based in Kent but working with public and private sector clients and organisations of all sizes, from small projects to large-scale transformations, regardless of geography.


    We’re firm believers that we’re best when we are working together – experience has taught us that co-creation is the best way to gain a holistic view of the customer, align stakeholders and balance user and business needs.


    Pulling from many years of experience and a whole back catalogue of learnings in multiple sectors, we’ll traverse our process together, from hypothesis-driven ideation, through design and finally into implementation, we will help you deliver meaningful products. We will work together to meet your core business objectives while delivering a customer journey and experience, from awareness to advocacy, to achieve a positive impact on people and the bottom line.

  • Product Discovery & Management

    We design and build our own products, so we understand that building a product or disrupting a marketplace isn’t just about defining the UX and UI, it’s about designing a business. From designing business strategies to understanding key market segments and market sizing, we can lead you through designing, building, launching and scaling your idea or digitally transforming an existing product. Our experience means you’ll avoid the common pitfalls experienced by business and product owners across the globe.

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    Looking for a partner in building great digital products, services and teams?

  • Service Design

    When designing any service it pays to ask what are people trying to do now and what might people want to do in the future? Once we've understood this, then it's our collective job to work out how we might get people to do it in the best way going forward. From optimising workflow to mapping out service blueprints, our multi-sector experience means our team is perfectly placed to help you innovate new methods of service delivery, back stage and front stage.

  • Ready to talk?

    Looking for a partner in building great digital products, services and teams?

  • Agile Delivery

    We believe all great digital products and services start with a commitment to solving your users problems. We employ Lean and Agile best practices to elicit ongoing customer feedback, enabling us to help you develop intuitive products and services that meet your users needs - all of this with improved communication, increased flexibility in your product development process, continuous improvement, and more participation from both inside and outside of the team.

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